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Spray Tanning

We take the stress out of sunless tanning application. Applied to the skin using our fast powered spray tanning machine. You will be stood upright for an all over body glow!

Our spray tan solutions come in a range of shades to suit most skin types. Our fast tan can be rinsed off after 2 hours, perfect for a night out!




tan couple

Achieving a beautiful sunless tan without mistakes is easy when your skin is properly prepared for the treatment. Your tanning appointment itself is quick and can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes which allows you the freedom to prep your skin to suit your schedule.


Preparations can be done in advance and will smooth out the skin to give the best base for your spray tanning product.

1. Buff away dry skin before treatment with a gentle natural exfoliator. This will make your tan last much longer by revealing new skin.

2. Wax at least 24 hours before treatment, ideally 48 hours before to allow the pores to close.

3. Shave at least 24 hours before treatment and apply a rich moisturiser to replenish dry skin.

4. Moisturise generously the day before, ideally overnight. This will prevent dryness and provide the perfect tanning base.

5. Rinse off any products, perfume, oils, moisturisers and make up before attending your tanning appointment.

6. Dark, loose cotton and jersey fabrics and dark underwear without tight waistbands are ideal to wear before and after your  tan. Some of the guide colour can be easily removed by tight fitting clothing so it is best to keep clothing loose.

7. If you are new to tanning or have sensitive skin, a patch test before your treatment is always recommended to ensure the tanning formula is suitable for your skin.

8. Take some hair ties along with you if you have long hair to keep the back of your neck and shoulders free.

9. If you have to run any errands after your tan, you can take deodorant to apply afterwards once your tan has set but ideally NO deodorant.

10. Applying nail polish to fingers and toes will help to protect the nails from any discolouration from the tanning product.

 If you feel more comfortable wearing a swimsuit/bikini/old vest/old underwear (dark in colour) for your spray tan rather than disposable underwear we are happy for you to do this. You should never feel uncomfortable for any beauty treatment! 

Aftercare Advice

  • Do not shower for at least 6 to 8 hours after the spray tanning solution has been applied. This waiting period allows maximum tanning solution absorption for the skin. FOR FAST TAN THIS CAN BE RINSED OFF AFTER 2 HOURS

  • After the waiting period has passed, shower in warm water (it should not be too hot) and use no perfumed products at this time - this should be a water only rinse, using no sponge/flannel but a gentle rub with your hands. The bronzer will run out, and when the water is no longer brown, pat dry yourself with a towel. DO NOT RUB!

  • Avoid activities that will make you sweat. This means no exercises, sports, dancing or jogging. You should also avoid the sun to prevent sweating. Sweating creates streaks in the tan. Avoid rain!

  • Spray tan before and after care involves avoiding chlorinated swimming pools that easily react with the tanning solution and cause an uneven fade.

  • Moisturising the skin daily will help make the tan last longer, as well as help it to fade evenly.

  • Do not use lotions or creams on your skin which contain Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA’s) or Glycolic Acid as they tend to exfoliate the skin. Use a neutralizing pH body wash.

  • Once you have bathed after the tanning session (after 6-8 hours), only then should you use perfumes, deodorants and makeup.

  • Do not touch your body while your spray tan is drying off. This can leave finger prints on your body!

  • Please be aware of your car seatbelt rubbing, avoid tight clothes immediately after tan.

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