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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of the fastest growing beauty treatments both in the UK and internationally.

Semi permanent eyelashes enhance your natural lashes by adhering a synthetic individual eyelash to your natural eyelashes. Light, comfortable, natural and available in various lengths.

Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions are semi permanent and depending on your natural lash cycle will determine how long they last. Classic lashes are one extension applied to one individual natural lash using a ratio of One to One depending on the amount of natural lashes you have. These can be infilled every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking tip top!

Express Individual Eyelash Extensions are semi permanent and depending on your natural lash growth cycle will determine how long they last. We recommend professional removal no longer than 2 weeks after your original appointment to keep your lashes looking fabulous.

We also offer Express Volume/Weekend Lashes which can give a dramatic look for the weekend or that special night out. These will have to be professionally removed after 1 week of wear

Russian and Hybrid Lashes coming soon!

Lash Lift

Create lash envy amongst your friends without the use of eyelash extensions!

Lash lift delivers instant results that last longer than any eyelash extension or eyelash perm. Lash Lifting system enhances the natural lash, making them appear longer, curlier, and ultimately more glamorous. Furthermore, this transformation lasts up to an incredible 6-8 weeks.

It’s a gentle, low maintenance treatment that lifts from the roots. The treatment takes around 45 minutes & you will leave with a wide-awake look that needs no mascara!

Eyelash Aftercare - VERY Important


As you know, the whole application is influenced by many factors.
In addition, how you care for it and how our body behaves (sebum production and hormonal changes, pH of natural eyelashes) is also affected by external factors.


❌ Many of you forgets that for two days you should not expose the eyelashes to moisture and heat.
❌ Exhausting physical training is not recommend after the application - we sweat and then take a shower :) also sweat contains water and fat - both shouldn't touch eyelashes after application.
"Today we do not make them wet" - you hear it every time.
But to not make them wet is not everything.

❌ A common inconvenience after the applications are irritated eyes. It's obvious that we reach for soothing drops. One request - is to not pour out into your eyes the whole vial at a time - the drops will crystallize on the eyelashes and loosen joint.

❌ Visit at the hairdresser after application eyelash extension. Ammonia has a huge impact on the durability of adhesive joints in the last phase polymerization. Therefore, the problem of falling out eyelashes have not only the client but also a hairdresser, because they do the lashes and then go back to work doing hair colouring or permanent waves

❌ Oily cosmetics applied to the face in the evening. Unfortunately, they have a huge impact on the loss of eyelashes. I would recommend for one day do not use such consistency and gently moisturize the face with a light cream avoiding the area around the eye and eyelids.
❌ Avoid facials and treatments that can irritate the eye area
❌ I do not recommend after the application to use tonic containing alcohol or wipe the face with dermatological liquids.

❌ If you are a lifeguard at the pool you can also feel the lack of durability of the application because early the next day exposes them to moisture and heat which are found in such places as pool.
❌ If, on the same day you have planned cleaning of the teeth in the dental office, ask your dentist or hygienist to hide your eyes with surgical mask. Thereby protects them from a water spray which is released from scaler during cooling the teeth. The same goes to dentists and hygienists. You also get this spray water (use your glasses).
❌ Visit to the sauna, solarium and swimming pool in the first days after application - they are also prohibited.
❌ Sauna additionally can straighten your eyelashes
❌ And finally, something that probably many of you can not live without every morning and that is washing head, drying hot air stream and applying to the hair styling cosmetic in spray - it also can have a huge impact on how your lashes will hold.


Additionally when wearing false eyelashes do not use an eyelash curler do not use mascara and do not do eyelash lifting
❌ Do not use the classic cotton swabs, they leave fibers on the eyelashes. Use Q tips or micro brush to wash away eyeshadow.
❌ For removing makeup, avoid cosmetics based on glycol, urea, carbonate, proteins and acids (including two-phase liquids ). Best to use is micellar liquids and children's shampoos in foam.

So when the lashes may fall out faster:

✔️ pregnancy, menstruation, new contraceptive spiral - less lashes can stick due to hormonal changes
✔️ damage in the past: undercut or burning of the eyelashes as such violated the structure of the root of the lashes
✔️ intense rubbing eyes
✔️ touching eyelashes
✔️ sleeping with face to the pillow
✔️ use greasy or waterproof eye cosmetics, they contain substances dissolving the glue used for applications
✔️ use of shadows in the cream when they are placed too close to the lashes (greasy)
✔️ frequent exposure eyelashes to heat or steam
✔️ careless handling of lashes

Eyelashes can be removed only by a qualified person, using a special remover.
Remember to care about lash extension every day !! 
Hygiene is the most important!

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