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We are super happy to be stockists of Pinks Boutique Organic skincare range.

Why do we love using Pinks Boutique organic products in our treatments?

Because we believe that once you’ve tried this gorgeous range of products, there’s no going back!


The range is ethical as well as being absolutely scrumptious to use, and very effective. Don’t be misled by the fact that Pinks Boutique products are natural; mother nature knows best and these products pack a powerful punch without causing any damage to you or the environment.

Everything in the product range is 100% natural and organic and Pinks Boutique signature treatments are unique because they are holistic – they take the whole person into account.

This means you get a better experience.


The product range combines aromatic natural fragrances with active ingredients that give you real results and feel pampering and luxurious at the same time. All of the products are packed with 100% active ingredients and there’s little or no added water, so these are powerful concentrated products that do exactly as they say they will – which can be a rarity in our over-advertised and hyper-marketed beauty industry.

In the beauty industry as a whole, it’s not unusual to discover that many of the products we think of as being ‘natural’ aren’t as pure as they make out to be. Pinks Boutique are different; they use a selected range of organic ingredients, all of which have been certified by the Soil Association. They also know what they are doing with essential oils and plant extracts, using enough to get the desired effects and not overdoing it just to make the products smell good.


On top of all that, Pinks Boutique products are free from skin irritants, hormone disrupting chemicals, harmful preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances, and genetically modified or animal-derived ingredients. Every product conforms to European safety regulations.

All the ingredients are sourced sustainably and are fully biodegradable, and even the packaging is ethical, minimised to avoid waste and only PET plastics and recyclable glass is used.


Products and ingredient parts will NEVER be tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians.

To top it off, the products are 100% blended and formulated in England.

For more information about this gorgeous product range, go to Pinks Boutique’s website.

If you’re looking for that luxury spa treatment, these are the products for you. We offer a range of Pinks Boutique treatments from manicures & pedicures, facials and body treatments!

Organic Rose – For highly sensitive and mature skins, and for anyone needing a facial to minimise the risk of irritation, calm the appearance of redness, be free from irritants while being unrivalled for skin repair, cellular renewal, soothing and hydration.

Ocha – Packed with white and green tea for high anti-oxidant anti ageing skin care for normal to dry and dehydrated skins. This facial is centred on hydration, complexion brightening & smoothing.

Lemongrass & Mandarin – Antiseptic and restorative for combination, oily and younger skins. It helps prevent breakouts, unblock pores and is free from drying alcohols which promote (and frequently cause) the oil imbalances typical when using synthetic skin care.

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