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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Powder Brows

Powder brows are a very popular permanent makeup technique created by using the tattoo machine to layer soft pixels of colour into the skin. Powder brows are a beautiful and flexible type of tattooing and in the right hands can be adapted to create a variety of effects.

As required, powder brows can improve the overall shape of the brow, add fullness, add depth of colour and also increase the length. Here are some examples of what can be achieved.

I can apply the powder effect very delicately and subtly. This works particularly well on my blonde clients and those with silver, red or white hair, or darker haired clients who suit a very natural result.

In contrast, I can add further shading to create a block brow which is a more defined brow. This is perfect for those who suit a more dramatic effect.

It can also suit clients to have an ombre effect, so the front of the brow is lighter and more subtle compared to the body and tail of the brow.

Powder brows can be used in combination with microblading, often referred to as “combination brows” or “blade and shade”. Some clients will better suit having both effects, I will be able to advise. Combination brows provides clients with the benefit of both the soft powdered pixels as well as the realistic microbladed hair strokes.

Microblading is semi-permanent tattooing, which uses nine tiny blades (microblades) to deposit pigment under the skin of your eyebrow. It provides definition, enhances fullness and can be used to alter the shape of your brows.

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress


Microblading remains to be one one of the most popular permanent makeup treatments available and with good reason.


It is achieved using a hand-held tool which is used to create very realistic hair-like strokes. These strokes can be so realistic, it can be very hard to tell which are real hairs and which ones are in fact microbladed. In the right hands, it should be a reasonably comfortable and relaxing treatment.

Like with powder brows, I can use the microblade to achieve different results and as required can improve the overall shape of the brow, add fullness, add depth of colour and also increase the length.

Microblading can be perfect for someone who has no brow hair at all, or has sparse or patchy brows helping those of us who want to return our brows back to their former glory.

It is important to note that not all skin types are suitable for microblading, e.g. the hair strokes placed into oilier skin do not heal as crisply or last as long. It can help to combine microblading with the powder brow treatment so you still can benefit from the textured look of real hairs that the microblading still can provide and any lack of crispness is concealed by the powdered effect. I will be able to advise you at your free consultation.

Eyebrow Plucking

Combination Brows

Combination brows, also referred to as “blade and shade”, are created using a combination of both microblading and the powder technique.


Both modalities implant pigment into the skin but microblading is achieved using a handheld tool and the powder brow technique is done by implanting tiny pixels of pigment to create a shaded effect.

Combination brows are a popular treatment and can be delivered by permanent artists who are trained in both the microblading and machine shading.


We use the microblade and machine together to achieve a variety of different effects and as required can improve the overall shape of the brow, add fullness, add depth of colour and also increase the length.

Combination brows are a lovely option and very popular with my clients. Combination brows are particularly suited to a client who has no brow hair at all, has sparse or patchy brows or oilier skin.

Eyes and Brows

How does microblading work?

Microblading uses a specifically designed tool, which bleeds pigment into the small scratches on the epidermis to create fine lines mimicking stroked of hair. The overall look is natural and realistic. Prior to using the blades, your technician will draw and fill in your brows to determine your desired look.

Who should get their eyebrows microbladed?

Whether you’ve got naturally sparse brows, suffer from thinning hair or alopecia, or just fancy a bit more definition, anyone can give microblading a go.

Does microblading hurt?

We are not going to lie, microblading is not totally pain free, but it is also not unbearable. It’s pretty much how you would imagine teeny-tiny blades to feel on your brows – a bit scratchy. It’s over relatively quickly and once you’ve seen your new brows, you’ll forget all about the pain. There can be a little discomfort during the healing process, but again, it’s nothing we can’t handle in the name of beautiful brows, right?

What’s the healing process like?

At first your eyebrows, with their newly defined shape, full look and enhanced colour will look fabulous. Then you will notice the pigment darken – do not worry as this will settle!

After around 3-5 days, your eyebrows will start to flake and peel.  Do not pick at the dry skin and keep applying the aftercare balm. The flaking can last for up to 10 days and the colour may appear to fade and become lighter than expected. This is normal.

After about 2 weeks, your brows will look how they are supposed to look, but it is important to maintain long term care. Ensure that the brow area is clean and moisturised and keep out of direct sunlight wherever possible.

There can be a little discomfort during the healing process, but again, it’s nothing we can’t handle in the name of beautiful brows, right?

Will I need a top up?

About 4-6 weeks after your first treatment, you’ll need a follow up appointment to top up the pigment and to make any small adjustments to the shape or fullness.

How long does it last?

Again, depending on how thick/full you want your eyebrows to look and how well you stick to the aftercare guidelines, microblading can last between 1-3 years. A top up may be required within 12 months.



Microblading aftercare

For the first 7- days post treatment:

  •  It is important that you do not get your eyebrows wet

  • Use the healing balm provided regularly at night. Apply using a cotton bud and not with your fingers!

  • Do not apply any make-up on the area.

  • No swimming, sauna, jacuzzi or sunbeds

Up to 6 weeks post treatment:

  • Do not have any other cosmetic treatment such as facials, skin peels, lasering etc

  • Do not pick, peel or scratch the treated area.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure for the first 14 days. After 10 days, make sure that you use an SPF 20 or higher. This should be applied directly to the area.


  • In warmer climates, keep your brow area covered with a hat or a large pair of sunglasses.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
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